Frontier Faith Foundation
Our Programmes
Feeding Programme
This programme currently runs as relief
assistance to regularly feed homeless

and underprivileged
children in Mororo,
in Tana River County, Kenya.
Child Education
Bursary Support
Frontier Faith Foundation provides
bursaries to young students who may
not otherwise have the opportunity to
get an education. Frontier Faith
Foundation has several children
currently attending school in Garissa
Town in Garissa County and its
environs through this bursary
School of Tailoring
and Dress-making
This programme currently runs in both
Mororo in Tana River County and in
Garissa Town. Community members
receive vocational and life-skills training
through this programme in order to
better be able to support themselves,
their families, and the community.
Disaster Relief
Providing relief and assistance to those
affected and displaced by natural
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