About Us
Frontier Faith Foundation exists to help attain sustainable economic and social development with focus on the vulnerable areas that
have been affected by poverty and drought. In order to meet our objectives we partner with organizations, line ministries, the local
authorities and the community at large who provide various resources

Frontier Faith Foundation is charitable not-for-profit organization that was established in 2011. The foundation is formally registered by
the Registrar of Societies under the registration number SOC/72748. Frontier Faith Foundation was founded by a group of like-minded
devout Christians who were touched and concerned about the sorry state of affairs in the arid and semi-arid areas that define North
Eastern and the Northern parts of Coastal regions in Kenya.

Since its formation in the year 2011, Frontier Faith Foundation has experienced steady growth and partners with the local communities
and donors in clear and transparent ways. The
Foundation engages the partners in all project periods from inception to evaluation and
striving for an enabling environment for the beneficiaries to meet their essential needs.
Our Mission

Poverty reduction by offering an enabling
environment to all stake holders through
improved governance and environmentally
feasible livelihood interventions. Partnership
building at all levels will supplement and ensure
the goal of sustainable development which is
socially, environmentally, politically and legally
FFF also works for management of
Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world class
international Foundation championing
Frontier Faith Foundation, Kenya; Charitable Registration SOC/72748
(c) Frontier Faith Foundation 201
Frontier Faith Foundation